Our mission.


Dear Suit Up Community, 

We may not have shattered the glass ceiling from the top, but we believe we can still kick the ceiling in from below.  We’re focused on listening, brainstorming and most importantly, taking action.  

We have done incredible things in the past by banding together- less than 100 years ago women couldn’t even vote, and this election we had a woman on the ballot for the Presidency.  But our work isn’t over.  Women still hold only 10% of seats on corporate boards, we are the only industrialized nation without paid family leave, and women only make 79 cents on the dollar for our work.  

Together, we can change this.  Time to Suit Up!

Much Love,

Anna, C.A., Kate, Christine, Lauren, Chip, Kim, Jannine, Elsa, Laura and Michelle





1) On Monday, January 9th we are asking one million like-minded, diverse women and men globally to Suit Up in their communities and propose actionable solutions to kick in the glass ceiling from the bottom up. 

2) On Saturday, January 21st, following Inauguration Day, we’ll be sending out your solutions and asking all of you to roll up your sleeves and get to work turning these into products, programs and policies that will change our communities. 

3) We’ll be asking everyone to stay Suited Up over the next two years and continue to meet, use, and build these solutions.  Two years from now, we want to be able to say that we all #suitedup and created actions that truly kicked in the ceiling. 


1) Suit up  Monday, January 9th and connect, explore and bring solutions to the table. Pledge to talk with your neighbors and friends and meet other diverse women and men committed to driving change together.

2) Do the “10 Minutes to Change” challenge daily.  These are tasks you can do in under 10 minutes over coffee or while browsing Facebook that collectively make an impact. 

3) Commit to sharing, writing, showing up, talking, or whatever it takes to support to take these solutions from concept to reality.

4) You are committing to staying positive, lifting each other up, fighting with love and compassion, and being fearless. 


While we were born out of the 2016 election, we aren’t affiliated with any political party, or campaign- this work is even bigger than that.  We are simply a group of women and men from tech, government, law, non-profits, finance, and media who decided to commit to turning talk into action.  

We're active in our Facebook group and so come meet us at facebook.com/groups/suituptogether.org